Seevers Ranch
Post Office Box 1030
Lucerne, California  95458-1030
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American Shetland Ponies



Seevers Ranch is located 
                                in beautiful Lake County
Nestled in the mountains 
       above the Northern California town 
                                                     of Lucerne

 We have a sizable herd of registered and grade stock. The ponies we have, include a range of colors ie: bay, sorrel, piebald and skewbald. These personable ponies are raised with children and lots of love, which renders their  friendly and docile manner.

All of our current listings are sired by our stallion "Firecracker" and have been raised in Lake County on our ranch. We take great pride in our ponies, their temperment and charm.

Our goal is to offer ponies that will leave a positive, lifelong impression, instilling an unbreakable bond of dedication and  friendship between child and equine.

Our ponies are sweet tempered, hardy and incurably charming

and ahh yes!

we do get SNOW.....

Please send us your name, address and any comments to:

so we may add you to our mailing list. 

Seevers Ranch will be able to notify you of any updates we have.

Have a wonderful day!

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